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Last Man Standing 4-30-2016

Turloughmore LMS:

Teams are all in for Week 9 games. Watford are the most popular this weekend followed by Newcastle. Full list of the teams picked is as follows;

Brian Ahern Aston Villa
Conor Tierney Watford
Denis Forde Newcastle
Diarmuid Flaherty Liverpool
Dillon O'Shaughnessy Watford
DP Morrin Arsenal
Francis Fitzgerald Watford
Gerard Greaney Watford
Gerry Holland Watford
Gina O'Shaughnessy Everton
Gordon Joyce Watford
Hannah Flaherty West Ham
Ita Murray Newcastle
Jimmy McGrath Liverpool
John Joe O'Kane Newcastle
Keith Lally Newcastle
Keith Morris Watford
Keith O'Shaughnessy Liverpool
Kevin Sexton Watford
Kieran Morris Newcastle
Liam Rabbitte Everton
Mark McGrath Watford
Martin Burke Watford
Martin Fahy Watford
Martin Naughton Watford
Matthew Hession Everton
Michael Casserly Watford
Michael O'Brien Watford
Oliver Delaney Watford
Orlaith Mannion Watford
Padraig Mannion Watford
Paul Killeen Watford
Peter Fahy Watford
Sean O'Connor Watford
Wayne McNamara Arsenal

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