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Former Galway star Moore lashes Wexford criticism 22-11-2016

Former Galway star Moore lashes Wexford criticism of Leinster participation

Former Galway hurler Cathal Moore insists Galway are right to look into the possibility of joining the Munster championship if they are not granted equal status in Leinster.

Moore, who played nine years with the Galway seniors and who’s brother Fergal is the only Galway man to have captained Galway to Leinster success, said it was time for all age grades to be allowed play in the Leinster championship, and for home and away arrangements to be agreed upon.

And the Turloughmore club man said claims from ex-Wexford manager Liam Griffin that their progress has been stymied by Galway’s arrival into the province is well wide of the mark.

“The Leinster championship was almost forgotten about before Galway came into it. Kilkenny won ten of the previous 11 finals, so it was dead before Galway came in,” said Moore.

“How many Leinster finals were Wexford in before Galway joined I wonder?

“And the other question about that is: ‘How many times have Galway actually knocked Wexford out of the Leinster championship?’ I only remember one game between the teams. That’s a false argument.

“After Galway came in Dublin had the resurrection. The rising tide lifted all boats.”

The decision of Galway city club Liam Mellows to put in motion to the upcoming county convention asking for the possibility of Galway joining the Munster championship to be investigated has rekindled the debate concerning Galway future in the competition.

In the eight years since the Tribesmen joined the Leinster championship they have not played one home game outside of the league or qualifier systems.

Moore thinks they are right to look elsewhere after being stonewalled for long enough by the Leinster counties.

“I think Galway are right to explore every possibility. I think they are 100 per cent right in doing that. At this stage you are either in or you are out. I wouldn’t be comfortable with the way things are at the moment in Leinster.

“What does every county want to see? We all want to see more matches and more good matches. And we have seen that in Leinster already, that we have more good matches as a result of the Galway seniors being in there.

“Galway probably wouldn’t win as many All-Irelands if they go in with the minors and U-21s, but isn’t all about player development, and having more worthwhile matches?

“At this stage I’d take it (control) away from the provincial councils altogether. I think it is time to go for a separate championship.

“The provinces can have their own championship, but we could still have an All-Ireland championship.

“Imagine what it would be like if Kilkenny hosted Galway one week and then went up to Pearse Stadium the next week to play them again? I think that will be the future eventually, but how long it takes is another thing.

“Galway are right and they have fair and realistic expectations. If it means going into Munster then so be it.”

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