Chairman's Welcome

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Well 2017 is well and truly in and Spring appears to be arriving early. With that, the theme of a winning feeling is about to be sown across Turloughmore.

Let's approach the championship year and club activities with yes we can attitudes, yes we will commitments and a  yes we will achieve spirit.

With that in mind the club are undertaking the compilation of a business services directory where members can list their trade or business. So whether you are a carpenter or plumber, dress maker or card designer if you would like to add your name please contact us . 

A Turloughmore Transformation event across the different town lands. This involves each town-land picking a team, getting out walking, cycling, running or jogging and loosing a few pounds. All in good spirit and a combined community townland event in competition with the other townlands.

Kit out of the club gym with equipment is now complete.

A golf outing is planned in early summer.

Later in the year an auction. If you can present it we will sell it. From a round bale to a maths grind, we will auction it and raise funds to improve our club facilities.

Renewed energy in our women's club with Christina Whelan Chairing. 

Our meeting room upstairs is available for all to use. With an interactive tv, planned coffee dock, book sharing and games room for all to use. 

Refocus and renewed drive on our sponsorship booklet.

Plans to setup an electronic scoreboard in Lackagh pitch.

Plans for the development of the club and it premises. 

All around ideas are being sprung into action. I am immensely proud of all the people who voluntarily give of their time and energy in driving these initiatives.  

In addition our teams are in training, focus on this years championships is underway. Now that we know the group stages, focus becomes more intense and it's our wish that our teams get all the support they need and that preparation is to the max level required. 

We need volunteers who will support our drive. Whether it's making tea for supporters who visit our centre when matches or training is on, whether it's ticket selling, or whether it's helping at bingo or card playing, we need your support. Our teams need your support. This club is on the way up. We want you to come with it. 

Be proud of who we are, our club, our successes and our teams. Focus on the positivity and leave the negativity behind. I am depending on you, your club is depending on you. Let's drive on. Onwards and upwards with that winning feeling. 


Tom Shiel


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